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hire John Lynch as GM

49ers hire John Lynch as GM

John Lynch won be Matt Millen 2.0 because he not being given the autonomy that the Lions ownership gave MM. When Millen was hired he made no secret that he was not qualified to be a GM but the owner not only excepted lack of experience, he enabled MM to keep making horrible decisions year after year.

I blame the Lions ownership for putting Millen in a win situation.

In a sense, the 49ers FO has downed the GM position given John Lynch willingness to basically work under the HC that welds more more power than he does.

That said, I like the winning pedigree that Shanahan and Lynch bring to the table.

My reaction to this GM hire is the exact same reaction I had with the last 2 presidents. I didn like either Obama or Trump because neither man had the right experience for the job. My reaction to both of them was Wait and See with Cautious Optimism. Obama was an unmitigated disaster and Trump is starting out that way. Perhaps, in the things I care about, the 3rd time is the charm and Lynch will be the real deal. No matter what, I reserve judgement until we have some information on how he will do the job.

Like Elway Like Kerr Thing is, you just don know. Especially as most GMs and coaches fail.

There a reason there are only 16 post merger coaches in the HOF. There a reason there are only 6 post merger GMs (two of whom were owners (Davis Halas) in the the HOF.

Despite your thinking it it the hardest job to fill in sports. If you lucky you get a competent coach like Seifert. Mostly you get over rated guys who last three or four years.

What is predictable is that the Nepotism Hire would crap on the hire. And since his idiocy has driven away the vast majority of competent posters, what we mostly get is the same idiotic group think crapping on the hire.

Razor Don know anything about Dural. Its January so I only just started looking into players within trade distance of 2 and 34. Its likely my draft crushes will be very different by April.

I hear its a good to very good draft for Edge, TE, ILB, RB but who knows. That perception can change too.

The only thing I confident of is even the best GM is unlikely to vastly improve more than 6 positions as indicated in some dream drafts. Two to three studs and a few competent role players makes an exceptional draft in my book.

Well, towards the end, I was just hoping they would get the play off in time, so no, JH did not display sharp thinking. His propensity to waste time outs was frustrating, and may have led to a few losses when they had no time outs to stop the clock. JH was also timid, and did not go for it on 4th down, and that may have cost them home field advantage.

JH is a great coach, but he was not perfect. He also let his emotions get in his way. He should have realized that Jed was immature, and never should have stooped to his level.

LAZY OR STUPID in that he never spent enough hours studying the play book and film. As evidenced in 3 different coaching staffs having to dumb down the playbook and reduce the verbage because he could not get it announced in the huddle and the plays executed.

SELFISH by using the 49ers and his teammates as a platform for his personal protest. Why could he not just do it after football hours? Why use the NFL as his stage? They have not done any injustice to black people?

Then why date a teammates girlfriend? There are so many fish in the sea, why her? Why run the risk of infighting with a teammate? Why could he not just go find some other girl? Even if the relationship was over, bro code

I like this hire. He was Shanahans pick. He is well known by both Shanahans. They will be a team and hopefully will solve the problem that Baalke always had with coaches.

Also, I believe that coaches should have control or at least 50% say on the roster. To me this only makes sense. Sometimes this doesn work out but that is because the wrong coach was hired. The concept makes much sense.

Hiring a hall of fame player as GM also makes much sense. They know what it takes to be successful. I think they have a much greater chance for success than a guy who has either never played or at a low level.

It always a crap shoot with football, but I think the Niners are hiring the right people.

My guess is Shanahan agreed to meet the two GM candidates with the stipulation that he could go with somebody else if he didn feel they were a fit. From the sounds of it, Lynch reached out to him and it went from there.

I cautiously optimistic. This was completely unexpected but had it been Steve Young, I think many of us would have been happy about it. The only difference is the name. This is obviously an attempt to create a Broncos setup and Lynch will be the buffer between Shanny and Jed. The key is to build a strong personnel group and have confidence in the opinions and info they provide. Big Shanny will have some sort of Consulting role I would imagine.

Good points rocket!, lately I was unconvinced that talent evaluation was patons strong suit plus he sounded similar to parts skills and the Arizona guy seemed like he was good with talent evaluation but difficult to work with, a little like balke! Now we get lynch! Least it won be boring! Gamble has been working with the scouts but re the scouts the one pushing a lot def. cheap jerseys guys or will be the eye for talent? Mike Shannon and Steve young were close, but Steve felt guilty after Mike told him to hit al davis in the head before a football game when the raiders played in candlestick when Mike was the o coordinator! It is refreshing to hear this come out of left field with no leaks!

Nice analyses by both Rocket and Brodie.

I too am cautiously optimistic. I expect Lynch to be a flexible football mind who won be afraid to take a risk.

I have great memories of Lynch lowering the boom. Here a sample from 1992 Cardinal under Bill Walsh. The Jerome Bettis fumble was from the Lynch hit was a classic.

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